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Article: Common Skincare Misconceptions

Common Skincare Misconceptions

Gone are the days where skincare remained a sideline gig to makeup. 

Skin is IN, and as time progresses beauty junkies worldwide are learning more about the largest organ on our bodies. There are so many misconceptions, and sometimes understanding what we should or shouldn't do to best maintain our skin, can become a daunting task.

With so many different skin types, it can be difficult to know the facts about what truly works best for our skin.

Myth 1: If you have oily skin you shouldn’t moisturise

People with oily skin types also still need hydration!

Leaving out moisturiser, in an attempt to fight oily acne-prone skin, can actually do more harm than good. This can confuse your skin, causing it to go into overcompensation mode, by producing excess oil. Thus leading to clogged pores and ultimately, breakouts. The best way to ensure your skin is hydrated, is to ensure you’re moisturising, day and night after cleansing your skin, with a lightweight moisturiser, like our vegetable day moisturiser, and berry blend natural night moisturiser. These will help to ensure your skin is hydrated naturally and decrease any excess oil production. 

Myth 2: Your pores can open and close

Unlike our eyes, pores don’t simply open and close, but they can fluctuate. Pore size can be dependent on many factors including genetics, where those with naturally oilier skin may have the appearance of larger pores. Most pores on the face naturally tend to be quite small, and not easily detectable by the naked eye. Pores can become blocked from a buildup of oils or dead skin cells, which may give them an enlarged, stretched out appearance. Yet they can’t simply be opened and cleared out. Gentle exfoliation can help to loosen remaining residue from your skin, with products such as the bamboo bead face scrub which can be used 2-3 times weekly to give you the appearance of fresher looking pores. 

Myth 3: Washing your face will keep it clean and acne-free

Although cleansing is definitely important to ensure your face is clean and adequately prepped for your other skin products; it's also important to know that over-cleansing or using harsh facial cleansers, can strip your skin of its natural oils and lead to even more breakouts! 

Double cleansing with natural products like the mango sorbet cleanser and then the apple foaming cleanser can help to ensure any makeup, dirt, or residue is free from the skin to minimise the formation of acne, by ensuring there isn't anything remaining on your skin or clogging your pores. By preserving the natural oils in your skin by gently cleansing with natural products, your skin should thank you for it, and appear more radiant in the long run. 

Myth 4: You don’t need to use skincare products unless you have wrinkles

This is a common mistake some make; one day you wake up with a forehead wrinkle and think ‘looks like it's time to start using anti-aging products’ or think it's a sign you now need to start moisturising. Truth is, you can never really be too young to start using skincare, particularly a moisturiser. In fact, the best way to slow down the impact of aging on your skin is prevention, before the fine lines and wrinkles even get the chance to make their grand appearance. By ensuring you’re properly cleansing your skin and removing makeup, keeping your skin hydrated with vitamin-rich ingredients, and using a daily SPF you can minimise the effect of aging, instead of waiting for any fine lines to start emerging. Your skin will thank you for it later!

Although there are so many do’s and don'ts to keep track of, sometimes just simply ensuring you’re using a consistent, natural skincare routine should keep you on the right track for a glowing, fresh face.

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