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Article: The right way to layer your skincare products for day and night

The right way to layer your skincare products for day and night

Are you putting your skincare products on in the most beneficial order? Like making a cake, the outcome will be less than optimal if you get the order of ingredients wrong.

Once upon a time it was enough to cleanse, tone and moisturise; a simple three-step process that’s hard to get wrong. Now there’s more to do, because skincare science has opened the doors for so many new types of product.

There’s no obligation to go beyond the basic three-step, but if you love looking after your skin and don’t mind spending extra time layering on additional products, it’s important to apply them from thinnest to thickest. If you break this rule, by applying serum after moisturiser for example, the thin products won’t get through to your skin.  And that means wasted money.

Layering skincare products for day-time

Assuming you did a proper double cleanse before you went to bed, start your morning routine with a light foaming cleanser. Follow this with a spritz of toner, to get your skin pH back on track, then get stuck into layering.

1 - Begin with your thinnest layer – a water-based essence, gel serum or dry oil. It should be full of anti-oxidants, to protect your skin from UV and pollutants during the day. A good way to apply this layer is to put a couple of drops into the palm of one hand, rub your hands together then press them all over your face. Most serums are OK for your eye area, but go lightly.

2 - Next up you have the option of a second ‘booster’ serum. This is often a vitamin shot for your skin. Apply it the same way – palms, rub together, press into your face gently.

3 - Then it’s time for eye cream. Use your ring finger to dab it around your eye sockets, then pat it in gently. Your ring finger won’t apply as much pressure as your index finger, which is better for your delicate eye area.

4 - The order of moisturiser and sunscreen depends on whether the sunscreen you use is a physical UV block, like zinc or titanium, or a chemical UV block. At Okana we strive to keep things natural, so our advice is a highly-quality physical block. If you agree with us, then moisturiser comes before sunscreen. If you prefer to use a chemical blocker, then it’s better to apply sunscreen before moisturiser.

5 - Now your skin is ready for makeup, if you plan to wear it today. 

TIP: Start when your skin is still damp from toner and don’t wait too long between layers. The plan is always to seal moisture in, rather than let it evaporate. Waiting until your skin feels dry between each layer could lead to an oily sheen later on, as your skin tries to compensate for perceived dehydration.

Layering skincare products for night-time

Bedtime is nurture time for your skin. But before you start layering on all that delicious goodness, the canvas has to be perfectly clean. That’s why our suggested routine begins with a double cleanse.

1 - Cleanse first with an oil-based cleanser, like our Mango & Apricot sorbet, because oil is the best way to remove makeup and the day’s grime. Follow with a water-based foaming cleanser – something gentle and natural. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.

2 - Tone with a spritz of pH-friendly toner, then add your first layer for the night – a serum or light facial oil. Apply using the recommended method above (rub into palms, press hands gently over face).

3 - Dot a little eye cream around your eye socket bones and pat into skin using your ring finger.

4 - Moisturise with an antioxidant-rich night cream, like Okana Berry Blend Night Moisturiser. Night creams are designed to be absorbed over the course of several hours, so they’re usually thicker. They also help to seal moisture in while you’re sleeping, so you’ll wake up looking all dewy and fresh. If you’re in the mood, give yourself a facial massage with your night cream – stroke along your facial muscles and bones in an upward direction.

TIP: Exfoliating at night is a smart idea, because it prepares the skin for serum by removing a layer of dead cells. Exfoliate two to three times a week and make it the second step of your double cleanse. To take your skincare regime to the next level, swap out one of your exfoliating sessions for a clay masque.



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