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Article: The Importance of Hydrating your skin

The Importance of Hydrating your skin

As living breathing humans, we’re often told the recommended intake of water is about 2 litres a day. As much as we may or may not follow those guidelines for our internal health, it’s also important to note that our skin externally, also needs its forms of moisture to maintain its best standard.

With adequate hydration, our skin can perform at its best, which can help us slow down the aging process, improve appearance, and even rid the skin of toxins. All the vital elements of healthy, glowing, skin goals! 

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again - just because you may have oily skin, does not mean you should skimp out on moisturiser. Ensuring your skin is cleansed thoroughly as well as hydrated, will ensure your skin does not overcompensate in producing excess oils - to avoid unnecessary breakouts. Remember moisturiser is your friend! 

Moisturiser is important to our skin as it helps to protect it, ensuring it is hydrated and healthy. With aging, our sebum glands lose their efficiency in producing excess oil, so we need to compensate for this with external factors like a hydrating and nourishing moisturiser. 

Now that we’ve covered our bases on why oily skin types need to moisturise, let’s delve into why other skin types need to refine their focus on hydration. 

If you’re at the age where fine lines and wrinkles are beginning to pop up, you probably already know that you should be moisturising to hydrate your skin and reduce the impact of aging. 

Yet moisturising is something that should ideally be done as a preventative measure before the impacts of aging come in at full swing. Staying well hydrated both internally and externally can help maintain your skin’s elasticity, and minimise the appearance of visible signs of skin aging. 

As we know, moisturising can improve the appearance of your skin, which not only helps with some signs of skin aging, this also helps to ease the signs of dry, flaky, or even tight skin. Hydrating the skin leads it to be more plump, supple, and well behaved! Moisture also assists in decreasing build-up from dead skin cells, which can otherwise leave the skin looking dull. So essentially moisturiser is your best friend for having healthy, balanced skin. 

To ensure you’re getting the best moisture for your skin, it’s important to note that well-cleansed skin acts as the best base for moisture. 

Moisturiser should be used after cleansing your skin, which may be, once or twice a day. It is extremely important to moisturise your skin, particularly after showering, shaving or exfoliating, as this can be when the skin is at its driest. Hot water, the elements and dry air can also play a big part in drying your skin out, so ensuring you’re well moisturised after a shower is vital. 

By exfoliating with our bamboo bead face scrub, buffing away at dead skin can ensure your moisturiser is able to better penetrate your skin. For an even better glow, we recommend balancing your skin with our cucumber + lettuce mist toner. Our effective range of day and night moisturisers offer gentle nourishment to the skin using 100% natural ingredients, safe for all ages and skin types.



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