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Get soft skinsies, with this light and gentle scrub. It deeply exfoliates and tells your skin cells to make new ones. Improving skin clarity, texture and helps it get its glow on. Great for all skin types. Scrub-a-dub 2-3 times a week.



100% Natural


Formulated without fragrance, alcohol or synthetic preservatives. Suitable for sensitive skin.

BAMBOO BEAD Face Scrub Sale price$14.00 USD

Leaves skin instantly smoother with visibly refined pores and complexion. 

What is it?

The BEADY BOO’s not only get rid of all the gunk and dirt clogging your pores, but it also gives your skin cells a pep talk to make brand new ones. Glow, baby, glow!

Bamboo powder, the star ingredient, is nature's secret for soft, glowing skin. It's delicately crafted through drying, grinding, and sieving bamboo sap to ensure the gentlest exfoliation experience that won't cause micro-tears.

The scrub gently removes dead skin cells and excess oil, preventing breakouts and leaving your skin velvety smooth.

Not just a pretty face, bamboo is packed with silica, a superhero compound that  stimulates new cell renewal, revealing a brighter, more radiant complexion with refined pores.

Whether you're battling acne, oily skin, or just want a radiant glow, our Bamboo Face Scrub is your go-to solution.

Best for acne prone, oily skin but also suitable for sensitive skin.

Its soothing action also makes it an ideal choice post-waxing/shaving care.

Made with only 7 Ingredients

Collagen-boosting Bamboo plant powder, soothing fermented sugar and hydrating Glycerin for instant supple, smooth skin.


WET: face, neck and hands. 

MASSAGE: in gentle, circular motion on face and neck. 

RINSE: thoroughly with water and pat dry. 

SCRUB: 2-3 times a week.



Vegan | Fragrance Free | Alcohol Free | Self Preserving | Cruelty Free

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Great in the shower

I use this for my face in the shower and love how it feels afterwards


Very nice. Leaves my skin smooth and clean

Love it

Love the feeling this gives my skin. Gentle on the skin. A+

Rochelle Klein
Best Bamboo Bead scrub

Love this product use 2 times a week leaves my skin soft refreshed and glowing

Gentle exfoliant

This product is amazing! So gentle yet effective right from the first use. Unlike any others I've tried, it doesn't leave my skin red yet is so much more effective than anything else! I was suprised at how little you needed to use for a whole face. Incredible !

Lovely gentle and effective!

This is a beautiful exfoliating product! It is gentle, yet affective and can feel your skin being cleansed deeply to reveal glowing clear and fresh skin! I use this few times a week in the evening after the apple cleanser and it is important to include this in the routine with the other products to get the best results for your skin! It’s important you only use a little and use it gently on your skin! I have dry irritated sensitive acne prone skin and
Since using OKANA my skin has definitely improved!! This has not irritated my skin at all as it is all natural clean product to help your skin, just use it gently and a little product few times a week in the evening and you will see a difference in your skin! This is gentle enough to be used daily although I will be giving time for my skin to get used to the product first! But so far my skin loves it!! I recommend!!


Love this face scrub! It does an amazing job getting deep into the pores and removing oils/dirt without leaving your skin feeling stripped or dried out! My face feels so smooth and looks so much brighter afterwards. Definitely recommend!

Gentle on the skin

Removes dead skin cells and leaves your face feeling fresh without that sensitive or stripping feeling!

Alesha Watson
Shocked! In a good way!

I was very shocked when I first used the scrub as it looked similar to aloe Vera ! However not aloe Vera it was so lovely to apply and once completed my face felt so clean!

Really good manual exfoliator

Gently exfoliates skin but effective!