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Article: Why you need to use moisturiser under makeup

Why you need to use moisturiser under makeup

Whether you splurge on expensive luxury makeup brands or you’re happy with more modest supermarket options, when you take the time to doll yourself up, you want a lasting, fabulous finish, right?

Regardless of the brand you use, doing a little prep can go a long way. The end result could depend entirely on what you do before you start applying your foundation.

The secret is to prep your skin in a way to produces a fresh, blank canvas. That means, cleaned and primed to ensure your foundation goes on smoothly and evenly as possible.  By primed, we mean moisturised!  

Moisturiser is a key element in makeup preparation for a few reasons: 

  1. It smooths and soothes

Moisturiser smoothes and plumps the skin’s surface, which gives your skin a more polished and radiant appearance; it also assists with even foundation application, so you don’t end up with a dry, cakey result.  What’s more, moisturiser helps your skin protect itself from potential irritants in makeup products. 

  1. It keeps oil production in check

It may seem annoying at times, but oil (or sebum) is your friend. It protects your skin and keeps it from drying out.  By using a moisturiser that helps regulate oil production, your skin tends to be more mattified, which gives makeup better staying power.

  1. It’s compatible with sunscreen

Skincare 101: always wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days.  Not many cosmetic products contain SPF, and when they do it’s not normally very high.  The order of moisturiser and sunscreen depends on whether the sunscreen you use is a physical UV block, like zinc or titanium, or a chemical UV block. At Okana we strive to keep things natural, so our advice is a highly-quality physical block. If you agree with us, then moisturiser comes before sunscreen. If you prefer to use a chemical blocker, then it’s better to apply sunscreen before moisturiser.

  1. You can mix it with a little foundation to make your own BB cream

If you want light coverage, like you get with a BB (beauty balm) cream, mix a little foundation into your moisturiser. It’s a time-saving tip that also makes your foundation last longer. Many women don’t like the look of all-over foundation, so this trick can become the basis of a fresh new makeup look.

  1. It’s a great base for primer

When work or an occasion demands full foundation, you’ll get a longer-lasting result if apply primer first. Be fussy about your primer; see if you can find one that’s as natural as possible. When blending foundation over your primed and moisturised skin, you may find you don’t need much product at all for a beautiful result.

How to apply moisturiser

It’s a seemingly simple thing to do, but have you thought about how you apply moisturiser and whether you’re getting the most out of it?  Here are some tips you may find helpful:

  • Maximise the amount of moisture you absorb by applying it without delay.  Immediately after cleansing and toning is the optimal time to lock in some extra moisture.
  • A little goes a long way; there’s no need to slather your face and neck in the stuff. Start off with a small amount and gently massage it in, then add a little more if you feel you need it.  You may find the amount you use can varies from season to season.
  • Find the right moisturiser for your skin type.  Not all products are created equal; some aren’t even very good for you.  How to choose a new moisturiser.

How to choose the best moisturiser

With the enormous range of products available today, where do you start?  It’s easy to get caught up in the latest glossy marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsements.  Also, some people think expensive is better, but this is not the case; it’s what’s inside the bottle that really counts.

On some products, when you check out the ingredient list you’ll find a pile of words that look like a bunch of spells Harry Potter would blurt out. Do you really know what’s in it?  

That’s why opting for a natural moisturiser is the logical choice. To make choosing easier, you just need to know what to look for in a natural moisturiser.

Natural moisturisers like our  Vegetable Garden Day Moisturiser are ideal to wear under makeup.  They’re quickly absorbed, non-greasy and full of nutritious goodness that your skin will love you for.  Our moisturisers are also fragrance-free, so you’re not exposing your skin to irritants that could cause problems down the track.


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