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Article: Here’s How to Build a Skincare Routine if You Have Eczema

Here’s How to Build a Skincare Routine if You Have Eczema

Here’s How to Build a Skincare Routine if You Have Eczema

Let's talk about crafting a bomb skincare routine for that fabulous self of yours, especially if you've got the not-so-glamorous companion called eczema.

If you're one of the dry skin darlings, you get the annoyance, right? But if you’re one in three New Zealanders that are affected by eczema, it’s more than just an annoyance.

Eczema, or as it fancies calling itself, atopic dermatitis, can go from making you uncomfortable to downright painful. Stubborn flare-ups? Well, those are more persistent than trying to remove a wine stain from your fave white tee – and that's saying something.

Now, the real tea is that eczema isn't just your average skin hassle. Oh no, you've got to be more cautious than the average Joe about what you slather on that butterfly skin of yours. Experimenting with new products? That can go from a fun little playtime to a full-blown "uh-oh" situation in the blink of an eye. Crafting the perfect routine for your skin is already a challenge, but when you throw in the minefield that is eczema, it's like trying to conquer Mount Everest in stilettos. Impossible much?

We will share our three key products to incorporate into your daily routine for effective eczema care. Let’s get started!

Emollient: A Nighttime Nourishment


One crucial step in managing eczema is using an emollient, especially at night after applying moisturizer (or any time of the day when your skin starts to flare or feel irritant).

Cue the Okana Mango + Apricot Sorbet Cleanser, a dual product that can be used as an oil based cleanser and works wonders as a soothing balm for eczema/dry skin. With just four ingredients and no preservatives, it's a guilt-free pleasure for all skin types.

Emollients provide an additional layer of protection, helping your skin retain moisture. This is particularly important because eczema weakens the skin's barrier function. By incorporating an emollient into your nighttime routine, you enhance your skin's ability to combat dryness and external elements.

This is the same concept behind slugging which is a safe way to temporarily keep damaged skin protected from water loss and irritation. 

How to apply:


1. Double cleanse
Massage the mango sorbet cleanser into your face for a minute before rinsing with lukewarm water—this helps to minimise
irritation and drying of the skin. After rinse, apply your second cleanser (apple foaming), massage for 30 seconds and rinse. Wipe off any excess oil with face towel.

Double cleanse is best done at night. Follow up with a moisturiser daily. This should really help with your skin condition.

2. Emoliant after moisturiser
Apply a thin layer (only need a little bit) of mango sorbet cleanser at night after moisturiser. Sleep on it and you will wake up with a much calmer skin.

Moisturizer: Twice a Day, Every Day


The main issue with eczema skin is that it doesn’t retain enough moisture — and which can trigger a flare. Eczema damages the skin barrier, reducing its ability to retain water. So the easiest thing to do is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Twice a day, especially when your skin is damp after a bath or shower. The function of moisturiser is to bind the moisture into skin and it does this best on damp skin. A good skincare hack is to apply moisturiser within 10 seconds of cleanse or toner.

Gentle Cleanser: pH Balanced and Fragrance-Free


Choosing the right cleanser is paramount for eczema-prone skin. it’s best to opt for a gentle, drama-free, pH-balanced cleanser with no fragrance or harsh soaps. Eczema disrupts the skin barrier's normal functioning, making it more susceptible to irritants. That is why you need cleansers that won’t strip the skin of its natural oils. The aim is to cleanse skin without drying or irritating your butterfly skin and while this may sound like a basic bar for any cleanser, in reality the skincare world is bit bonkers when it comes to making your product look,smell and feel luxurious.

Companies generally go overboard in keeping up with the trendy ingredients, make it smell more exotic than the next door skincare, or giving it a cloud-like feels. All this only means one thing- adding plethora of ingredients that you skin should absolutely stay clear of. Our advice is to stick with the basics and don’t throw your skin in the bandwagon of that bonker world. Keeping it simple with 7 ingredients with no fragrance, alcohol or synthetic preservatives is quite a good start (hint, hint.. our very own Apple Juice Foaming cleanser tada!).

The Apple juice cleanser ensures a happily-ever-after without any skin theatrics. Lights, camera, cleanse!

Anti-Aging Care


People with eczema can certainly use retinols, vitamin c and other actives. Opt for oil soluble retinols and Vitamin C. These are more stable and suitable for sensitive skin. With oil soluble actives, the penetration to skin is slowed down and it does not react with skin as easily. Okana Age defying Vitamin A+C serum is a good example of where both these oil soluble actives are mixed together and buffered to suit sensitive skin. For eczema skin start with Vitamin B3 (aka Niacinamide) Serum. Studies show that niacinamide can make the skin both stronger and smoother. It also seems to ease inflammation, cut redness, and boost hydration.

In conclusion, managing eczema involves a comprehensive approach that prioritizes skincare. By incorporating these three essential products you can nurture your skin and minimize the impact of eczema on your daily life.

To make things easier we have got a SOOTHE. SOFTLY. Bundle set that is just right for your skin.



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